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Post  Irene117 on Mon Sep 22, 2008 7:46 pm

My name is Irene(ice cream)

This is a first time that I join the English Summer Camp.I am happy that the teacher give me lot of

activities.I love all activities.I still remember the first day that I am late for the opening conference .

Look back on those days,I can't believe that I spoke lot of english , did many english work and played

games.we even took the MRT to 淡水 and took the boat to 漁人碼頭 together.

In that day,everyone was tired and we had a good memory in our mind.


you're really a good teacher.

you always encourage us to speak english.

whatever we done,you always gave us much praise.

Thank you to be our teacher

by Irene 2008 09 22


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